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Beautifully built and maintained...
Technology Services - Restaurant Websites
Technology Services - Restaurant Websites


Beautifully built and maintained...
Technology Services - Restaurant Websites
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Here at Denver Development Company we offer high quality service and website solutions. One of our most treasured clients (La Playa Maya) will be featured on this website as an example to see available features in real business life!  Enjoy the website, we look forward to hearing from you.


Member Coupons

Offer coupons to provide a powerful benefit for customers to join the restaurant membership.  Once joined they can access a set of coupons that are scheduled to work for any particular calendared date.  Celebrate New Years by offering a member only drink.  The coupon can appear to members and then become active on January 1st only.  Enable customers to simply copy the coupon code and during the checkout process insert the code on the shopping cart page to receive the gifted item or discount.

You will need to register for a free account in order to see it!


E Gift Card

Give them a gift they’re sure to love – an Email Gift Card. The card can be used on any online order placed directly on your restaurant website. It’s an easy way to give them exactly what they want!

It’s simple! After the customer selects an amount, enters an email address to send the gift card, a name for who the gift is from, and any personal message desired. After completion of the order the email gift card is be immediately emailed to the giftee!


Group Reservations

Offer group reservations for rooms and/or tables.  Enable calendar of availability and receive a deposit for any reservations created. Enable customers to book reservations instantly for parties, business dinners or any occasion. Offer custom options with each reservation with free or additional fee’s for each.


Live Online Ordering

Online ordering for delivery or curbside take-out is basically a necessity in these new times.  Menu categories, food item images, descriptions, custom options (with price alterations), location choices, secure payment and automatic printing directly into your thermal kitchen printer for an easy to use system!


Contact Relationship Management

Create an inviting and everlasting relationship with those customers who utilize the website. Starting with the basics, developing an automated set of phased email responses when a customer places an order for the first time. Include an initial thank you with a special one-time only re-order incentive (coupon). A second and third email being sent over the next week and month thanking them again for being a new customer and reminding them of upcoming specials. Leading into the monthly newsletter/promotion reminder system in which all existing customers receive.


Photo Galleries

A photo gallery can bring out the true atmosphere of the restaurant and sell the customer this should be their next destination. Many types of layout designs to fit the style of your establishment.



Enable customers special member only benefits in order to gain a more personal relationship.  Get creative by making the coupons area for members only.  Memorize customer previous orders and enable them to easily re-order.  Membership is a must!

You will need to register fro a free account in order to see it!


Menu Options

Display your menu online for a quick view in a simple design for easy reading.  Offer a barcode on your tables enabling customers to utilize their phones to scan and get a PDF view of your actual menu – hands free!


Custom Development

Your ideas and vision for additional restaurant website utilities/features can be realized through provided custom development.  We’ll help you to go through those ideas and offer solutions to get them created into your website!  We have over 25 years of custom development experience!