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I look back at my 30 years of marriage to my Love and am awed by God’s Blessing and Grace over us. God’s blessings have come in unexpected ways to us. At the beginning of our marriage He showed us how to be creative with dating each other and how to eat well in our home. Having our 6 kids, I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with a nurturing mindset and a bit of natural ability to create some wonderful meals for our family over the years.

Early on I discovered that with kids and a limited budget I needed food that was going to fill them up. Gratefully God gifted me with an ability to learn how to make bread and tortillas on my own. These were staples in our home. I’m sure they were fine in the beginning but over the years I have gotten a bit better at making them look beautiful too.

My husband I have always dated. We learned that in order to have an intentional marriage, we needed time spent being…intentional. Dating for us almost always involves food or a yummy drink. There are times when we get to go out to eat and there are many times where we choose to stay home and eat. I try to create some wonderful meal that will fit the season we are in, both the actual season it is…summer, fall, etc or the season of life we are in in our marriage. Do we want comfy food or am I feeling ambitious and trying something new? Gratefully I have a husband (and children) who love eating Mom’s food!

Being intentional and puroseful living has lead us to a life of simple joys. A blessed life filled with quality time together and some pretty tastey and beautiful food!

Love, Mel

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