Build-Design Restaurant Website

Build & Design a Website

Below is a set of the steps taken by Denver Development Company to design & build a restaurant website. We offer high quality service and website solutions. One of our most treasured clients (La Playa Maya) will be featured throughout this page (and website) as an example for you to see available features in real business life!


Templated Design

As the most economical solution for design select a pre-created theme from hundreds of available theme creators who charge a fee ($25-$200) to utilize their created design on your restaurant website.  Denver Development company will take your chosen theme and apply and install it on your website.  There is still a lot of work to do after a theme is applied but it gives the restaurant website a basic layout and environment atmosphere.

Check out a few theme builder designs for restaurants:


Custom Design

A more expensive, but worthwhile option is to have a custom design created for the restaurant website.  Denver Development Company will take your ideas and a list of your most favorite existing website designs and create several mockup design images.  These images will be presented to you; where you dissect what you like and don’t like about each.  We will then take those directions and create a single mockup that will be more in tune to your final design.  After your further revision ideas, we will come up with the final mockup design (of course pending your approval!).  We will then apply this custom design to your website which will create the basic layout and environment atmosphere.


Tools for Website

Adding tools to your website is what gives the content and makes the restaurant website unique and helpful to its current and future customers and employees. Denver Development Company will install and configure a set of tools perfectly designed and selected for restaurant websites.  The available pre-created tools include member coupons, e-gift cards, group reservations, live online ordering, customer relationship management, photo galleries, menu options, membership capabilities, and of course custom creation of tools from your own thoughts and ideas!


Construct Website

Denver Development Company will take the design method and all the tools you have chosen and construct your website.  We’ll prepare it with the appropriate menu systems for intuitive navigation. We’ll not just install the tools, we will also configure them and install all your unique requirements. We’ll create the atmosphere that matches your vision! The restaurant website will be a turn-key start-up, ready to go live.


Maintenance & Development

Denver Development Company will become your partner in not only the website construction, setup, and hosting, but also in the regular maintenance, urgent responses, and installation of new ideas.  An optional block of hours purchase which consists of 10 hours of custom development work may be utilized throughout the year for updates to the menu, navigation changes, restaurant hours, customer messages, images, and other creative ideas you may have.  You simply let our customer support team know your need and we’ll take care of it for you and update your remaining hours.  You may buy an additional block of hours whenever you current one runs out!


Pick a Plan

Denver Development Company has put together a few plans that generally fit the needs of restaurant websites.  These plans include a basic plan (which has the very basics necessities/tools), a member plan (which includes membership benefits to customers and some additional tools), and a custom plan (which is a custom set of tools and design). We are happy to tailor any of these plans to your needs!  We hope you will decide to utilize Denver Development Company for your restaurant website, you will not regret it!


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